Are you doing everything you can to make the most of the season ahead?

Obviously we’ve had the charity shield and Europa qualifiers; tonight we’ve got the Championship opener. Here in the office though, tomorrow truly marks the start of the new football season. The excitement that comes with the new season is like the day before Christmas, and there is that great feeling at all the possibilities this season holds for the team(s) you’re involved with.

It depends on which country, league, and level you play at as to when your season starts. In the UK, some of you will also be kicking off this weekend, while some are half way through or just starting their preseasons (e.g. private academies), and others are well in to the actual season (e.g. FA WSL).

You can rest assured that players at the very top level have taken all the steps necessary to ensure they feel ready for the new season; including getting their fitness up to the desired level, optimising their body composition, and getting treatment for on-going injuries. They would also have had on-going help from their club with their nutrition, both in preseason and leading up to the big kick off tomorrow.

For the guys in the premiership, getting their nutrition sorted through preseason and fuelling themselves appropriately for tomorrow is as fundamental as turning up to training and putting their boots on.

Are you doing everything you can to make the most of the season ahead?

Many clubs, let alone individuals, don’t have access to nutritional advice/support and Player-Pal fills the gap.

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