PLAYER-PAL is a brand new sporting initiative providing bespoke performance nutrition advice to the modern footballer. As a football player you have such a short period of time to make the most of your career, don’t leave something as important as nutrition to chance! We specialise in nutritional coaching for footballers helping them perform at their best.

Our aim is to fill the void between nutrition and performance for players of all standards. Welcome to PLAYER-PAL


*This price may be subject to change according to which service is provided. Terms and conditions apply, minimum subscription required.


Testimonials & quotes

"Eating well and having the right nutrition plan can give you an edge and make a huge difference in energy levels and performance. I have to prepare right before every game to be at my best. Putting the right fuel into my body to get the most out of it is so important. PLAYER-PAL is a breath of fresh air!"

Russell Martin (Norwich City & Scotland International)

"I'm proud of my career, I've been part of teams that have achieved promotions and won trophies. The fact of the matter is I wouldn't still be playing now if I didn't pay attention to my nutrition. The great thing about PLAYER-PAL is they take out all the guess work and show you how to get it right day in and day out. I personally wouldn't be without them."

Dean Keates (Wrexham & Ex Hull City)

"Being an International I've got to do everything I can to be at the top of my game, week in week out. Ignore performance nutrition at your peril. Get it right and it will change your game. PLAYER-PAL offer a service that will simply lay it out for you. In my opinion this is a must for any professional or semi professional footballer"

Sean St Ledger (Leicester City & Republic of Ireland International)

"It amazes me it hasn't been done before! In my day we literally ate what we wanted when we wanted. Nowadays nutrition has become paramount in achieving optimum performance. In my opinion a service such as PLAYER-PAL will take you to the next level."

Tommy Taylor (Ex West Ham & England International)

“Talent and dedication to training are no longer enough to ensure success in soccer. Good nutrition has much to offer players and match officials, including improved performance, better health and enjoyment of a wide range of foods”

-FIFA/F-MARC, Consensus Conference

“Whenever highly talented, motivated and well trained players meet in competition, the margin between victory and defeat is small. Attention to detail can make that vital difference. Diet affects performance, and the foods that we choose in training and competition will affect how well we train and play. Every player needs to be aware of their personal nutritional goals and how they can select an eating strategy to meet those goals”

-FIFA/F-MARC, Nutrition for football